L5 METRICS Services

L5 Metrics is an independent consulting services company comprised of a small network of top-tier finance and accounting professionals. Our general areas of strengths include metrics management, process change management, functional expertise in system implementations, custom financial template development and account reconciliations. Go to our contact page to tell us about your needs and we will provide a free evaluation and tell you how L5 Metrics can deliver a reliable solution.

Metrics Management: DataPods

This is our core subscription based application. Each metric that you track is placed into a DataPod and your team submits individual values on the schedule that you define. View the results on your mobile device.Subscriptions include a package of DataPods and start as low as $600 for 6 months for 10 DataPods.

HFM/Essbase Functional Expert

Our Functional Expert/Project Manager acts as your eyes and hands in working with your VAR to implement these Enterprise systems. Our expert has been an International Controller with public and private companies and has more than 15 years experience with these systems.

Advanced Excel Modeling

Let us help you develop or redevelop your models. Includes everything from Web Based Queries to Visual Basic Programming. Free evaluation and guaranteed results at a rate of $150/hr.

Account/Bank Reconciliations

Send us the data and we'll match the records. Bank Statement conversion from paper/pdf to Excel.

We specialize in reconciling accounts with high volume transactions.


Subscription based service that allows specific email submitters to send an existing Excel template and our servers extract the data into a cloud based database. View custom reports on your phone.

Other Consulting Services

Go to our contact page to tell us about your needs and we will provide do a free evaluation and tell you how L5 Metrics can help. Contact

CASE Studies

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An international chain of brand name retail outlets has 8 locations in two regions. Company management wants the following information DAILY: (a) SALES (dollars sold), (b) TRAFFIC (number of visitors), (c) PURCHASES (number of visitors who made a purchase). From this basic information, the company calculates AVERAGE SALES (a/c) and CONVERSION (c/b) rates. This is how management monitors the daily activity of the outlets. Each store manager was tasked with submitting this data via email to the general manager (GM). The GM would manually aggregate the data in Excel. All of the historical data was lost when the GM's computer crashed. It should be noted that the company's POS (point-of-sale) system has some of this information but it is a legacy (old) system and it is not a practical source for daily data.

L5 Metrics setup 3 DataPods for the 3 pieces of data (a,b,c) and assigned each store manager as a submitter to each DataPod. By the end of the first day, all 8 store managers were instructed how to logon and submit this data. The following day, a custom report (2 consulting hours) was developed to compute the average sales and conversion rates. So, by the end of the second day, management was able to see the prior day's results by location and region on their mobile phones. Today, the GM reports that everyone saved time gathering and delivering this information. Later, L5 Metrics also developed a web query and Excel template for other trended reports and analysis.